creative solutions and Social Media Services  that assist brands define and implement their communication strategy

Online Reputation Management

ThinkLab - Online Reputation Management

That’s exactly what we do. We manage your online reputation for you. That means that we build your strategy for your online presence and we also implement it through tools (domains, social media, SEO, articles etc.).

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Advertising & Media Plans

ThinkLab - Advertising & Media Plans

We are always overwhelmed to take a client’s brief for a marketing project and begin our creative inspiration and make it real. The process includes lots of big ideas, copywriting, a handful of art direction and a lot of commercial insights.

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Creative Services

ThinkLab - Creative Services

Do we start with creating?

No, we start by asking questions about you and listening to what you have to say. And when we reach the level of knowing you really well, then we begin designing and implementing.

We use our ideas to create something special and unique, for you and your audience.

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Media Relations & Monitoring

ThinkLab - Media Relations & Monitoring

We handle your brand's media exposure by designing and implementing an integrated communication strategy.
Through special practices and principles we engage your brand with the appropriate media, so your business can benefit and thrive!

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Event Planning & Management

ThinkLab - Event Planning & Management

First we get to know you and understand your style. Then we create concepts for your event, and we also co-ordinate all suppliers in order to achieve the outcome you have visualized.

We oversee all event production by communicating and working closely with you. We manage your expectations to achieve the desired result, and sometimes to even outcome it!

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Social Media Strategy & Content Management

ThinkLab - Social Media Strategy & Content Management

Social Media Networks have started as a game, but they are nowadays the most effective communication tools.

In Think Lab we treat Social Media both for business and pleasure, because that’s exactly how the users treat them! That’s the whole beauty of those networks anyways. (Who said business and pleasure can’t be combined?) We carefully design and manage your Social Media Strategy, so your audience can be both entertained and engaged.

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Web Services

ThinkLab - web-services

Through creation, realization, production and development we assist you with your online brand launch or integration.

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Graphic Design

ThinkLab - Graphic Design

In Think Lab we breathe to create. We truly love anything that has to do with innovative design, inspiring depiction and beautiful images.

In our fast-paced times be believe in eye-catching material in order to differentiate.

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Writing Services

ThinkLab - Writing Services

We can do more than write well.

We can give your company a compelling voice and help your business get more from your website by turning visitors into customers.

We create your content strategy and help you communicate your business by creating effective brand messages.

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