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Tips for Fashion Bloggers: Taking the Best Instagram Picture

Instagram is taking over social media in waves. You can see all fashion shows unfolding through the lens of instagramers and trends happening as we speak. Needless to say that, since Instagram is primarily a visual network, having an almost impeccable presence is quintessential. And you'll see in the following lines that it's not just about having fashion style, but it's also about conceptualizing your insta-photoshoots. Let's dive into the details.


You may wear the best outfit in town, but we all have our awkward angle. Try taking some quick snapshots and see which ones depict you and your clothes combination in a flawless, proportionate way. Pay extra attention when it comes do different garment textures and bold cuts, as you will need to tweak the lighting and practice some moves as well.

sibelsenguler instagram



Different garments and colours do not look the same in all backgrounds. In fact, they may dramatically vary. You should be careful with the selection of your backgrounds as they will either scale up your outfit or throw it to the dust bin. You should also note that playing with Instagram filters and colour saturation will drastically change the outcome. Either going bold or chosing to blur the background, just make sure it always compliments well with your clothes and it doesn't look too "heavy".

drunkensookei instagram


Yes, that's right. You don't always have to wear your clothes and if Instagram's frame looks too small to uncover your style, then why not create a neat collection of your style items? You can either order them in a symmetrical way, or throw them on an interesting rug, you can even put them on a pile and then spice it up with a bit of colour – the possibilities are endless.

najla ninkovic instagram


Sometimes you choose to slip on your favourite LBD. Till here, there's nothing outstanding. But carrying a exquisite clutch along with your –otherwise simple- outfit, will do miracles for you. Accessories are most of the times the salt of our appearance. They deserve our lens focus.

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